Meaning Of The Red 'V'

The Virtual Lab Logo - What the "Red V" represents

From the very beginning of Virtual Lab’s existence, we have adopted our official Company logo as the letter “V”. It not only stands for Virtual Lab, but also for the Vision that we intend to see materialized. Our logo, which appears on all our material, is our driving force in reminding us of the Vision in which we, as an IT organization, is striving for.

The fine thin lines of red cascading the “V” symbolizes the Company’s utilization of it’s resources in providing accuracy, efficiency and skill in our service and products. Company Logo

The white lines cutting through the right ‘arm’ of the “V” starts as thin, fine lines from the bottom. These lines become thicker toward the top, indicating the ever increasing strength and growth of Virtual Lab and it’s continued success.

The fine red lines running through the “V”, intertwines with the white lines on the right ‘arm’, representing the integration of our resources to spur our climb towards success upon success. It is the recognition that the accumulation of hardwork, skill, integrity and honesty are the building blocks to the realization of our Vision.
The colour red typifies our aggressiveness and competitiveness in being involved in the challenging arena of the IT world.

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