Our Vision & Mission As Virtual Lab



To realize Virtual Lab as the top solutions provider for the local insurance broker industry, catering for small to medium enterprises in Malaysia and to reach a global market with our products.



To be the premier local solutions provider, primarily to the insurance broking industry and also to small and medium enterprises by providing high quality, cost-effective software and services, while dealing with integrity and honesty.



To provide professional management consultation and total IT solution packages to the insurance broker industry and potential customers in all other industries.

Values & Beliefs


As a team, we share the same dreams for Virtual Lab. At the same time, we share a common value and belief system that drives our vision for the Company. This set of core principles has been critical to our road to success, not only as an organization, but as individuals too.

We aim to conduct our business with the highest integrity and honesty, because we believe in building relationships. We will treat people the way we want to be treated

To our customers, we shall deliver innovative solutions that meet their very needs, not just sell a product. We are dedicated in maintaining a high quality of service to our clients and will take the initiative in achieving this

Investigate and utilize the best technologies available to deliver quality solutions that provide efficiency and cost-effectiveness to customers

Employees are the foundation of our Company and we strive to provide a success-oriented environment. We will offer our employees opportunity to be educated, not only in technical matters but also in good moral and success building matters.

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