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EIBS - Features

The EQUAL Insurance Broker System (EIBS) is developed specifically for the Insurance Broker industry. It contains the features and basis of requirements for all insurance broking companies, especially those operating in Malaysia.


Benefits Of The Equal Insurance Broker System package :

Saves time and eliminates the redundant effort of re-keying data (raising quotations, broking slips, etc) through template "copy" functions
Increases productivity and efficiency with a solution to automate business processes
Never fail to invoice a transaction through the Debit / Credit Note modules
Eliminate searching for past data through stacks of files as historical transaction data is kept in the EIBS
Search functions throughout the system enables efficient and quick lookup of data
Sensitive data is not opened to everyone through system security and access rights
Easy tracking of claims statuses and their correspondences saves time and effort.








Features of the Equal Insurance Broker System package are :

 √ Is a total solution with broking front-end, financial back-end and claims
 √ Comprehensive and reliable functionality
 √ Total client-server technology for multi-user environment
 √ Quick, efficient and reliable extraction of data for management decisions
 √ Fully automated data processing in batch
 √ Full integration with Microsoft Office suite of products
 √ Seamless integration with our Equal Accounting System for financial backend
 √ Seamless Integration with Equal Claims module
 √ Fully customized to the local insurance broker environment
 √ 100% Year 2000 compliance











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