EIBS - Reports

EQUAL Insurance Broker System - Reports Available

EQUAL Insurance Broker System (EIBS) consists of a host of reports available at the click of a button for operational and management purposes. Listed here are reports which the system can generate. However, in many cases, different customers do have need for different reports and layouts. It is our commitment to meet our customers' requirements in providing them the type of reports they need by offering customization.

Direct Insurance / ReInsurance

1. Quotation (Motor / Non Motor)

2. Broking Slip (Motor / Non Motor)

3. Confirmation Slip (Motor / Non Motor)

4. Endorsement (Motor / Non Motor)

5. Debit Note (Motor / Non Motor)

6. Credit Note (Motor / Non Motor)

7. Debit Note Listing

8. Credit Note Listing

9. Void Debit / Credit Note Listing

10. Premium Summary Listing

11. Premium Register

12. Renewal Listing

13. Audit Trail Listing

Centre Bank (Bank Negara) Reports

1. Annual Return Report (Bank Negara)

2. Quarterly Return Report



1. Claims Statistics Listing

2. Master Claims Statistics

3. Active Claims Summary Listing

4. Claims Status Listing

5. Claims Adjuster Listing

File Setup

1. Customer Setup Listing

2. Endorsement Code Listing

3. Main Insurance Class Listing

4. Insurance Class Listing

5. Agent Listing

6. Sales Representative Listing

7. AR Term Code Listing

8. Business Code Listing

9. Customer Territory Listing

10. Customer Listing

11. AP Term Code Listing

12. User Setup Listing

13. Agent / Insurer Territory Listing

14. Insurer Listing

Reports can further be sorted into different conditions specified by the user from the reporting module.

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